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We pray Almighty ALLAH for his Magfirah and elevation of his position in the Jannah.

Date of Admission:

Admissions start from 11 Shawwal-ul-mukarram of every year. No fee is taken from students for admission. Educational period of Madarsa is from 11 Shawwal to 14th.

Humble request:

The activities and services of Madarsa Babul ilm have been presented to you people.

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This is your school which solely runs on your donations. Therefore, humbly requested to you all people to help this madarsa in all aspects whichever possible. The members of Anjuman Falah-ul millat, Gurmitkal are very much thankful to those who have helped in construction of madarsa building and the mosque. We pray ALMIGHTY ALLAH to fulfill their legitimate desires from his eternal and hidden treasure. Aameen.

Madrasa Babul Ilm Tahafiz Ul Quran

Habib Nagar,Near Govt ITI  College

Nazrapur Road ,Gurmitkal: 585214 Dist: Yadgir Karnataka






Account No: 52172869342 SBH,  Br: Gurmitkal


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