Focusing Points

Hifz of quran with sound english orientation of computer.¬†Emphasis on islamic studies, arabic, quran, tajweed, translation, hifz and qiraath.Children’s centered teaching, motivation to think, understand and apply rather than not memorization.

  • Illustative teaching method.
  • Education that would equip students to face real life challenges.
  • Talib-ul-ilm.
  • Dua and azkaar, aqeeda, islamic adab ( manners ).
  • Islamic akhlaaq ( morals ).
  • Islamic ahkaam ( ruling ).
  • Understanding of quran.
  • Seeraht of the prophet mohammed p.b.u.h.
  • life history of other prophets p.b.u.h.
  • life history of sahabaas r.a.
  • fiqah and shariath.